Alumni Sharing Knowledge

The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (A.S.K.) Network is designed connect friends and alumni of Northwest Nazarene University with current students seeking career advice or opportunities for career.  Do you remember the reality of college life pulling you in every direction as you tried to find your direction?  Or the final months of your college experience as you looked for a job, applied to graduate school, or set out on your very own adventure.  The NNU Alumni Association, in partnership with the NNU Career Center, has re-launched the A.S.K. (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) program in a new innovative format.

To connect students with friends/alumni of NNU in their particular field of interest, the A.S.K. Network is now a sub-group of the Northwest Nazarene University group on LinkedIn.   LinkedIn is a free online social network of professionals, like yourself, from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries.  When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your education, professional expertise, and accomplishments. You can then form connections, with NNU alumni and students by inviting them to join your network.  It is our desire to increase networking between fellow NNU alumni and students and alumni.  In order to facilitate this connection, we have created a special networking subgroup A.S.K. (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) within the Northwest Nazarene University LinkedIn group.

If you are familiar with social networking, creating a profile on LinkedIn and joining the A.S.K. subgroup will be an easy task.  If not, we encourage you to give LinkedIn a try by following the steps below.

Get Involved

Join the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (A.S.K.) group on LinkedIn by following these steps:

  1. Create a profile on LinkedIn:
  2. Once you've created a profile, search for "Northwest Nazarene University" in "Groups."
  3. Request to join the Northwest Nazarene University group
  4. Your request will be approved by a member of the Alumni Office
  5. Take advantage of this group to network with NNU alumni and friends
  6. A.S.K. (Alumni Sharing Knowledge)is a subgroup of the NNU Group. Request to join the "A.S.K. (Alumni Sharing Knowledge)" subgroup and make yourself available to connect with students and share your life experiences.

Detailed Instructions