NNU Social Media

Below are descriptions of the various NNU social media outlets, directions to where you can connect with the University on these sites, and a brief outline of how you can use these networks to keep in contact with the NNU community!


Facebook is a social networking site designed for people of all ages to keep in contact with old friends and meet new ones. By creating a profile, you can join groups like "NNU" or "NNU Class of 2014" where you can interact with a community of new and old friends who share a common bond in the University.  The group page is regularly updated with NNU news, fun facts, pictures and videos.Join the conversation here.


Twitter provides users with the ability to share instant updates, and to immediately know what's happening in the lives of others. After creating a profile, follow NNU to see tweets as soon as they are posted. Opt to have updates sent straight to your cell phone to be always in the know. Tweet here.


LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals interested in forming new and maintaining old connections. Join the NNU group for updates on University news and to be involved in Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK), a subgroup where alumni can share work experience and opportunities with current NNU students and recent graduates. Get linked here.


YouTube is a video-sharing site where you can check out the latest videos from NNU. See interviews with students and alumni, as well as the latest comedy from Admissions. Watch NNU here.


Read the NNU blogs to learn what's happening on campus from the perspective of the President, School of Business, Admissions, School of Theology, students and chaplain. Also check out Class Pages that allow alumni to share what is happening in their lives. Explore here.