Alumni Association Online Directory

This online directory is available to all alumni of NNU as well as faculty and staff of the university. This site allows alumni to update their data, set privacy permissions, send alumni news to the university, as well as look up contact information of classmates and friends. Alumni updates may also be submitted by e-mail to alumni(at)

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Initial Login Instructions

  • For your default initial user name, enter your NNU ID number (as printed above your name on your Messenger address label);
  • Your initial password will be the first two letters of your last name (lowercase) followed by your ID # again in a six digit format. If your ID # is less than 6 digits, please put zeros at the front to make 6 digits. For example, if your ID # is 1395 and your last name is Smith, your user name would be '1395' and your password would be 'sm001395'.
  • Once inside the system, you will be prompted to create your own personal user name and password. 
  • If you experience a log-in error or do not have access to your ID #, please contact the Alumni Office at alumni(at) or call 800-654-2411 for assistance.